Feet on the Street : Chicago

I never saw myself being bitten by the travel bug but as of late I’ve been itching to explore.  I guess at my young age it’s natural to have this sense of wanderlust.  The desire to travel and earnestly discover parts of the world I’ve only read/dreamt doesn’t come naturally to me but I’m slowly welcoming the feeling.

All I can ask for are shoes on my feet and my feet on the street.  With each new voyage I hope to gain some light on the places I visit but also illuminate the areas of myself I’ve never known.


My Dear Machine

Over the years I’ve developed a connection with my car.  It has been with me for quite sometime and in some cases acted as my anchor.  Throughout all the spirited night drives and pensive cruising it hasn’t let me down.  I’m glad to say that this is my dear machine.

Fake Tales of San Francisco

I feel a little more at peace behind the veil of a viewfinder.  There’s a sense of tunnel vision between you and the subject.  A transient narrative you see unfold and connect with.  This past year photography has provided me an outlet and escape from the random stresses of life.  It has allowed me to connect with old and new friends, but also myself.