For When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

As I sat on a tattered leather couch pondering a certain line from First of the Gang to Die.

“…You have never been in love until you’ve seen the dawn rise behind the home for the blind…”

Morrissey’s words struck a chord in my head and resonated down to my heart.  What did this line mean to me?  Why would you sit around near a home that caters to the blind?  More so, why would you be there for the sole purpose of watching the dawn rise?  There are many more scenic locales to choose from;  The alps, the Eiffel Tower, the canals of venice, but a home for the blind?  Why?

Love is such a grey area.  Is it the act or the moment of clarity you experience with a person.  A lightening bolt that just hits you screeching “Hey I think it’s you.”  Out of the billions of people that walk the Earth, society created a word to describe a unique feeling that you feel towards a single individual.

I began to think, churn whatever gears in my head to create a single logical thought of what love was.  If it wasn’t a moment of lucidness what was it?  No reason to make sense out of such a word. 

A leap of faith, smoke in your eyes, and a fire in your heart.  I guess that’s all that really matters right?




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