The simplicity of dining alone

Initially I drove to Downtown Napa to pick up a bag of Ritual Roasters Coffee.  From there it then turned into an adventure in solitude.

I decided to treat myself to a nicer lunch than usual.  Chance led me to the doorsteps of Celadon.  Upon entering through the doors I was greeted with a smile that progressively turned into a confused look when I answered one simple question.

“How many today?”  To her question I answered, “Just myself”.  She then proceeded to accost me to the corner of the room as if I needed to be quarantined.

It struck me in a weird way because she gave me a distinct stare, one filled with curiosity and slight discomfort.

The concept of eating alone seems to be colored with obscurity and a hint of negativity.

I could understand why it’s perceived in such a manner and frowned upon. A man eating alone at a table for two constantly leering out into space can appear depressing. But there are lessons to be learned by eating alone.

I should learn how to value and appreciate myself.  If I cannot enjoy the company of myself,  how am I going to provide another person the joy of my company and bring light into their day. A much needed reminder when things go array.


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